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    Welcome to the Hendrix College Cell Biology Laboratory Manual and Study Guide. Proper use of this resource is essential for Cell Biology laboratory and we hope that it will be a useful reference tool for the lecture part of the course and for review in later courses. This disk houses several types of information, some that is required for the Cell Biology laboratory, others that are here for review or finding additional information.

    This disk is structured using HTML, meaning that it works like the world wide web. You click on highlighted text to direct you to the desired text, photo or video. The menu at left contains links to the contents of the disk. Other web browser functions such as the History, Find, Go and Back buttons will also function.

    Be aware that both the contents of this disk and the laboratory exercises themselves are works in progress. If you find mistakes, or have suggestions for additions or deletions, please forward them to Dr. Mark Sutherland at sutherlandmv@hendrix.edu.