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ClosedYearTermCourseTitleLrn DomPd.Start TimeEnd TimeDaysCurr EnrollMax EnrollBldgRoomInstructorFast Search
closed 20162SANTH 100 01 Intro to Cultural Anthropology SBA4 11:10AM 12:00PM MWF 28 27MILLS102S. Schwartzkopf22820
closed 20162SANTH 100 02 Intro to Cultural Anthropology SBA7 2:10PM 3:00PM MWF 28 27MILLS102A. Goldberg22821
closed 20162SANTH 200 01 Buried Cities and Lost Tribes SB, HPA2 9:10AM 10:00AM MWF 30 27MILLSCB. Hill22823
closed 20162SANTH 230 01 Cultures of US-Mexico Borderlands SB, CWB1 8:15AM 9:30AM TR 26 23MILLS102A. Goldberg22824
20162SANTH 300 01 Ethnographic Methods SB, URA6 1:10PM 2:00PM MWF 9 15MILLS307S. Schwartzkopf22825
closed 20162SANTH 301 01 Exploring the Museum SBB2 9:45AM 11:00AM TR 16 15MILLS303B. Hill22966
20162SANTH 311 01 Indigenous Politics in the Americas B4 2:45PM 4:00PM TR 9 15MILLS102S. Schwartzkopf22826
closed 20162SANTH 498 01 Intern:Conway Human Dev Center     1 1TBATBAA. Goldberg23806
20162SARTH 171 01 Western Art History Survey II HPA4 11:10AM 12:00PM MWF 28 30ARTA110R. Miller22969
20162SARTH 490 C1 SpTop: Aesthetics and Art Criticism B3 1:15PM 2:30PM TR 9 15ARTA110B. Norwood23128
20162SARTS 160 01 Beginning Drawing EA, ACD2 10:10AM 12:00PM MW 14 16ARTB102M. Gill23013
20162SARTS 160 02 Beginning Drawing EA, ACD6 1:10PM 3:00PM TR 13 16ARTB102M. Gill23015
20162SARTS 160 03 Beginning Drawing EA, ACD6 1:10PM 3:00PM TR 9 16ARTB101M. Lopas23498
20162SARTS 180 01 Beginning Ceramics:Handbuilding EA, ACD6 1:10PM 3:00PM TR 14 16ARTC101M. Gathings23016
20162SARTS 200 01 Beginning Painting-Figure EA, ACD5 9:10AM 11:00AM TR 8 16ARTB101M. Lopas23018
closed 20162SARTS 210 01 Beginning Sculpture EA, ACD1 8:10AM 10:00AM MW 15 15ARTC107E. Maakestad23019
20162SARTS 230 01 Beginning Etching EAD4 2:10PM 4:00PM MW 6 13ARTB107M. Gill23020
closed 20162SARTS 235 01 Digital Art EA, ACD3 12:10PM 2:00PM MW 12 12ARTA111M. Cowper-Smith23021
20162SARTS 250 01 Beginning Photography EA, ACD5 9:10AM 11:00AM TR 10 12ARTA108M. Payne23022
20162SARTS 250 02 Beginning Photography EA, ACD6 1:10PM 3:00PM TR 9 12ARTA108M. Payne23023